Quality of the Proof 1930 Penny
  The Proof 1930 Penny is legendary. The name A. M. Le Souef is equally so.

Le Souef was Deputy Master of the Melbourne. His personal coin collection was
remarkable, each piece exceptionally rare and of the highest historical significance.
A portion of his collection was acquired by The Melbourne Mint Museum,
the balance purchased by renowned Adelaide collector, Syd Hagley.

The names Le Souef & Hagley are two of the most compelling in the Australian
numismatic industry.

The pedigree of this Proof 1930 Penny is: A. M. Le Souef (Deputy Master Melbourne
Mint), Syd V. Hagley, Dr Curtis Paxman, Dr A. Dobbin and Mr Doug Moran.
Australia’s most valuable coin is now available for private sale. The Proof 1930 Penny is an Australian numismatic masterpiece and only three are held in private hands. This specimen, ex Le Souef & Hagley, is legendary and is recognised for its absolute quality. CONTACT RARITY VIEWING PROVENANCE PHOTOS QUALITY HOME